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Here are the Lyrics for the songs

Light of Day:

Listen Up:
Not long ago, my transistor radio played songs
that would bring me joy each day
Nothing there to see, except what surrounded me
The music alone could take me far away

Nowadays it seems the video replaces hopes and dreams
Showing us their vision of a song
Simple verses, notes, and beats sung by
Pretty lip-synched dancing teens
Oh, where has that melody gone?

The music never tried
To make me look and wonder why
Burning visions in my eyes
The tune will set you free
When you turn off that big screen TV
And let your ears be the key

I hope and pray we'll all take back the music one day
Those special songs make you shed tears
If you really want to see, close your eyes, let your mind run free
Unleash the power of your ear

The music never cared
What we dreamed or what we shared
But like a friend, it was always there
Turn on the radio, the phonograph and the stereo
Listen up and away you go...

With what you've seen, and what you felt
Can't be the same in this day and age
I don't know why, nor can I explain
Take a little, now give a lot
Give twice as much, for what you've got

Through the smoke, we see the truth
Don't let the fire, burn your soul

The lady cries, she still stands proud
Let Freedom ring throughout the clouds
Sons and Daughters pay the price so dear
They pave the way, our flag's still here
No compromise, they want us out
Might knock us down, don't count us out

Through the smoke, we see the truth
Don't let the fire, burn your soul

Haggard Threads:

Measa Stroll:
Feelin' fine on a Saturday night
Ready for action, gettin' real tight
Gotta move to the drivin' beat
Chug down a beer and get out of my seat

Thump of the bass and the driving guitar
All this emotion, it's going too far
Jump on the table, I'm out of control
Now it's time to do the Mesa Stroll

I wanna...rock and roll
It's gonna...stir your soul
Doin' the...Mesa Stroll

Move your drinks and give me some space
Blow the roof right off of this place
Keep the body movin', I'm on a roll
Cruisin' down the line doin' the Mesa Stroll

It's the rage, This formica stage
Dance the countertop, I can never stop
Shuffle to the left, boogie to the right
Move it nice and easy, Dance away the night

Well, step up on the bar, How wild will it get?
Toe tap on the ashtray I'll put out your cigarette
Come up here and join me, You'll help me reach my goal
Gettin' everyone to do the Mesa Stroll

Movin' those feet so nice and neat
Sing it loud, You're dancin' proud
I really should come back down to the floor
The view's too good up here, I want some more

I wanna...rock and roll
It's gonna...stir your soul
Doin' the...Mesa Stroll

Just Walk Away:

Hold Me...Again:
Hold me, hold me again like you did long ago,
Love me, love me still, won't you tell me it's so

We've been through so much together,
I can't see a life without you
Year after year, with your touch,
there is nothing that I can't get through

Love me, let me know that I am still the one
Show me, show me love when it's all said and done

We shared our dreams through the years,
and I know that the dark days were few
Each day with you at my side,
finds a love that is lasting and true

Hold me, hold me again like you did long ago
Show me , show me love, show me love, say it's so

Hold me, tell me I'd be the one you desire
Love me, tell me I'd be the one set your fire

Hold me, Hold me again
Hold me, Hold me again
Hold me again
Hold me again

Read The Wall:
Nostradamas was trying to tell us, of things that may happen
We must read the wall
We can rectify what may befall us, if we pay attention
We must heed the call

Edgar Cayce, he dreamed that Atlantis would rise from the ocean
In view of us all
So advanced was their civilization, the knowledge, their culture
So why did they fall

The Myans, the Aztecs, the calendars they had would vision no future
The end of all time

(Be) Careful What You Wish For:
So often times the grass seems greener over there
Why don't we have more to show for? Life just isn't fair
Keep up with the Joneses' and my luck will turn around
Rub the genie's bottle. All my answers have been found

Careful what you wish for, Those dreams just might come true
Will you dare beyond despair and hope gray skies turn blue
Money; fame; you know the game, The joy that it could bring
Can you face the consequence when grasping that gold ring?

Look at that Greek goddess that you fancy from afar
Doesn't know that you exist so wish upon a star
Cast your line to catch her and reel her into you
The woman of your dreams is yours, Now what will you do?

Careful what you wish for, It might end the way you think
Pass the cup of happiness, Will you take a drink?
Wish I may, wish I might, It's not so plain to see
What I have and what I want don't seem the same to me

( wish !)

Choose your thoughts with care my friend or face catch-22
The cards you draw spell Murphy's Law, The choice is up to you
When you wish upon that star desire plants the seed
I expect a flower but I get another weed

Careful what you wish for, Perhaps you'll win it all
Spin the wheel of fortune, Will you stand or take the fall
Don't think twice, roll the dice, Prepare to claim your prize
But does that count of seven really add up to snake eyes?

Careful what you wish for

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Last Updated: Mayl 21, 2009