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Rob Pike:
Guitar/ Vocals

Rob Pike

Back in the 6th grade,a friend of mine had a ham radio. We used to listen to the radio shows that were broadcast from England on friday nights. One night we heard some music that touched something special inside. They said the band was called the 'Beatles'. From that moment on, I knew that's what I wanted to do! Then, I saw them on the Ed Sullivan show! I was hooked for life. I spent the next couple of months trying to talk my mom into buying me an electric guitar. She finally relented and took me to the music store. She bought me a flute! "What are you doing Mom???" She said "If you can learn how to play this good, maybe later, you can get a guitar". The next thing I knew, I was in the school band, sitting on folding chairs, with a bunch of girls (back then it was embarrassing being the only boy flautist). Any way,I learned how to play the Flute, Oboe, Bassoon (that is one cool double reed),and some percussion. Finally two years later, my mom bought me a $15 guitar. I don't remember what brand it was, but it played, and that was all I needed. I had to go to my friend's house to use his I learned how to play all the favorites like Red rubber ball, Satisfaction, Beach boys, and so on. We won the ninth grade talent show playing Louie,louie (dirty words of course)! I am basically a self taught guitar player picking up riffs and licks and chords as I went along from garage band to garage band. I had grown up and went school with John Grove and Brad Rice but we always played in different bands. I met Scott Thomas thru my girlfriends sister,but never got to play with him.
In 1971 I met up with Mike Kagey (bass player), Martha Wood (guitar player), and Pete Blue (drummer). We formed a band called 'J. P. Silverhorse'. In the spring of '72 we flipped a coin (heads-Canada, tails-Florida), and set off for Florida. It took us four days of 24hr driving in our old mail truck. After we got there, we found we had to join the musicians union or we couldn't get a job anywhere, anyway, anyhow. We joined, played around in a few clubs, and had an interesting time. We also changed the name of the band to "Agnes" because we like to tease Martha when she would get mad about things. Also, there was a hurricane that passed through at that, why not? Then one night we were approached by an agent asking us if we wanted to warm up for a concert. "Of course we would!" there would be no money...but that was alright...the exposure would be the ticket! We did the show with Rod Argent, It's a Beautiful Day, and Commander Cody. It was wonderful...Imagine...a garage band from Colorado who had only played in small clubs was now performing in front of 30,000 people at 'Pirates World'. I didn't realize how many people were there until I went out front to watch 'Argent', I nearly wet myself. The band broke up shortly thereafter, and I came home to Colorado.
I had only been home one day when I went to the store with my mom. When we got to the checkout, there was John Grove bagging groceries. We talked for a few minutes, and he asked me if I wanted to come jam with him, Scott, and Bobby Montoya. I said "sure". I went to Scott's Grandma's house that night not knowing what to expect. We jammed for a couple of hours, looked around at each other, and said, THIS IS IT! We became a band second to none instantly! We started playing in clubs all over Colorado...We were HOT! We were on our way to play in a bar in Trinidad, and we needed a good name, Bobby said "how about "Highway Star"(that was our favorite song)? Then I said "No, just plain Star, with two RR's...The name was born. Then Bobby quit and we were three problem...for a while. We decided we needed some keyboards (enter Gene Schneider(Snidley)). We did very well for a couple of years. Then John quit and we needed another bass player (enter Dennis Drewry). The four of us became the nucleus for one of the best bands that ever came out of Colorado. We played together for a few years and all was great!
Then there were two...Me and Scott. We needed a bass player (enter Mark Litton). Scott and I were tired of playing other peoples songs, so we decided to record an album. We wrote 8 very good songs and proceeded to drum up the money to do so. Just as we were doing pretty well, Mark quit...then there were two again. We needed another bass player (enter Randy Musso). We polished up the songs and went in search of a studio. We found a little basement studio called 'Startsong studios', run by Tom Gregor. As we got started with our project, we rapidly became good friends with Tom, and had a wonderful time doing the album. The album was great (in our opinion), but we ran out of marketing monies, so it floundered. Scott and I parted company in late '81, and I joined a band called 'Pyramid'. Shortly therafter they changed the name to 'Dublyn' and I played with them for a couple of years. I met my wife, had a son, and needed to get a 'Real' job. I had to quit playing altogether...for 15 years I quit. I had placed all my stuff in storage in the house and never touched it...not even my guitar.
Then one day, I got a phone call..."Hey man, were gettin' the band back together"...It was John! Just like in the Blues Brothers movie! I was so excited..."What! are you crazy??? I haven't played for years". "Just like rollin' off a log'll do fine". I had three weeks to learn how to play the guitar and sing all over again. This is when I met Mike Hough (guitar). As we practiced, I began to notice Mike and I had some similar playing characteristics. We soon became fast friends and interacted very well. We were going to do a joint concert at the State Fairgounds Event Center for New Years Eve! Well, the performance went grand...many of our old fans were there, and everything was wonderful. My son and daughter didn't have any idea I could do this stuff. My son was in front of the stage pointing at me and yellng " That's my dad!". My daughter was just standing there smiling from ear to ear. After it was over, we went to the dressing room to change our clothes...a couple of minutes went by, we looked around at each other and said..."Here we go again". So we found our love again, and here we go some more!
I hope you enjoy this adventure as much as we do!

Rob Pike

Last Updated: Mayl 21, 2009