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Scott Anthony Thomas:
Percussion/ Vocals

Scott Thomas

I was born July 4, 1952 in Pueblo, Colorado. I have lived in Pueblo most of my life and consider it my home. I started playing drums in 1966 at the age of fourteen. Like many young people of that time I had been sparked by the emergence of the Beatles and their historic appearance on the Ed Sullivan show. The bands of the psychedelic era such as Cream, The Doors, Vanilla Fudge, and Jimi Hendrix were instrumental in driving my musical future. I have always loved and admired the grooves produced by the great rhythm sections of the sixties soul bands. As time went on I honed my drumming skills to the likes of Led Zeppelin, Yes, Deep Purple, and Kansas.
Over the years I've been very fortunate to have played with some of the most talented musicians in this area. Although I've owned and operated a construction company since 1978 I've always pursued music with great passion. I still own the red onyx Rogers set that I purchased in 1970. I went to a local music store searching for cases for the Ludwig set I had at the time. I found the cases all right, but they contained this beautiful Rogers double bass set which I promptly purchased. This set has now been dedicated totally to recording use in my home studio. I have a set of natural maple DW's with integral May miking system that I use for live performances.
In 1981 as an original member of the popular Pueblo based band "Starr" I had a hand in writing, producing, and playing on the band's first album release "Memories Never Die". The band Starr originated in the fall on 1972 playing primarily cover material in the club circuits of Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska. The band had acquired quite a nice following by the time the first album was released. The current Starr line up includes myself on drums and vocals, original member Rob Pike on guitars and vocals, original member John Grove on bass and vocals, Mike Hough on guitars and vocals, and Brad Rice on keyboards, Hammond B3 and vocals.
I've always had an interest in electronics, particularly the equipment related to the music business. I've had different sound and lighting systems over the years. I currently have a project studio in the basement of my home. I have been in the process of building the studio for the last several years. I don't operate the studio commercially, but have turned out several projects for bands that I have played with. We recorded the second Starr album "Listen Up" in that studio as well.
I have been married to my beautiful wife Peggy since 1973. She has been extremely supportive of my musical endeavors. We have two wonderful daughters Melissa and Nicole. Each of them has one son (Ty and Jayden) who we treasure greatly. We spend a lot of time together in the Colorado mountains camping, fishing, and riding ATVs
Live Long and Prosper

Scott Anthony Thomas

Last Updated: Mayl 21, 2009